It’s important that you familiarise yourself with our guidelines on what to expect from a mentoring connection on MenteeMe.

We want all our users to enjoy an interesting, productive and safe experience.


What to expect from a mentor

  • Politeness, courtesy and professionalism
  • Somebody that is willing to help and share their professional experience with you
  • Willingness to meet in person or to talk directly with you (some mentors will prefer to talk on calls due to time/location constraints)
  • A minimum of one hour per month dedicated to mentoring you (the maximum time is at the mentor’s discretion)
  • At least three MenteeMe chat responses to your questions
  • A minimum mentoring time of one month (this time may be shortened if agreed to by both parties) 

All our mentors are experienced, professional people that give their time willingly to assist the careers of others. It goes without saying that your communication with them should be polite, courteous and within the boundaries of a normal, professional relationship. 


How to be a good mentee

  • Be polite, timely and above all willing to learn
  • Be upfront, be the one to initiate communication with your mentor either via MenteeMe Chat or directly if you have their details
  • Do not bombard your mentor with communication (once you have communicated wait for a response)
  • Respect the fact that a mentor may choose to decline your mentoring request and does not need to provide a reason
  • Understand and adhere to the mentor expectations, particularly those regarding the time your mentor is expected to devote to you
  • Once a mentoring relationship has ended make sure you update the MenteeMe app

Following these guidelines will help you to build constructive mentoring relationships that help to enhance your career and professional skills


Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about your experiences on MenteeMe just email us at