How to be a good mentor

As a mentor you have the knowledge and experience, but how do you impart this knowledge to help others develop their career? Here are our 5 tips to get started!

Tip #1
MenteeMe matches you with mentees based on your skills. Take a look at your mentees Profile page, in particular their professional interests and what they want to learn about. This is a good starting point for discussion.

Tip #2
We suggest you start conversation in the app. Ask the mentee what they are struggling with, is there a particular issue they wish to get advice on or are they looking for debate and conversation? 

Tip #3
You don’t have to find the answer. Mentoring isn’t about telling someone what to do, it’s about guiding them to find the right way for them to do things.

Tip #4
Share links and reading materials, it’s an easy way to provide guidance without draining your time. 

Tip #5
Relax. You’ve got this. You’re the expert. Talk authentically and you’ll help your mentee without even realising.


The MenteeMe Team